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Customized Equipment to Solve Your Unique Challenges

Optimize your processes for speed and efficiency with custom equipment solutions from McAlister Design & Automation. Custom equipment, also known as "hard automation," includes a wide range of manufacturing machinery that employs non-robotic technologies to effectively execute various manufacturing processes.

This specialized equipment finds application in high-speed assembly, testing, and packaging tasks, with a particular focus on smaller products that require high-volume production and low product variation.

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Custom Equipment Tailored to You

A collaborative partnership is key to a successful custom equipment solution. McAlister Design & Automation will consult and communicate with you to identify the best solution for your business challenges. We make sure to find the best fit and customize it to fit your exact needs.

Certain technologies are prevalent in our custom equipment integrations, such as:

  • Cam-driven technology - indexer, pick-and-place, and complete chassis
  • Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) and Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS)
  • Case/Box erectors
  • Timing screw orientation and part feeding

If you are considering a custom equipment solution for your organization, contact McAlister Design & Automation. Through our extensive automation experience, we are a leader in leveraging the best technologies to find the most impactful solutions for our customers.

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Field Service & Support

McAlister Design & Automation has a dedicated team of field service technicians and the ability to provide support on our products via remote access. We offer preventive maintenance, troubleshooting assistance, spare parts, and general maintenance. If you require programming changes to your equipment or robot, our engineering staff is positioned to effectively meet your requirements in our facility or yours.

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McAlister Design & Automation offers on-site and off-site comprehensive training on our standard and custom equipment, including all custom automation solutions. Our experienced trainers will ensure your team is comfortable and confident using your new equipment.

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Trust McAlister Design & Automation to overhaul your existing equipment with updated pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric systems. We can upgrade your controls and address any cosmetic issues. Machine rebuilds often result in less downtime, more reliable equipment, and increased throughput.

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