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McAlister Design & Automation offers expertise across many automation applications and technologies, including assembly, inspection and testing, dispensing, pick/pack/pal, material handling, and more. 


Staubli Scara Assembly Website


McAlister Design & Automation excels in creating automated assembly systems that offer unparalleled precision and flexibility.

At McAlister Design & Automation, we pride ourselves on our unmatched precision and flexibility in creating automated assembly systems. With our extensive knowledge and integration capabilities, we are the perfect partner for manufacturing organizations seeking automation solutions.


Inspection and Testing

We go above and beyond to meticulously inspect, rigorously test, and flawlessly verify every single product our customers create. Our comprehensive range of inspection and testing services is absolutely critical, encompassing essential tasks such as ensuring precise assembly, meticulous checking of presence and orientation, advanced camera inspections, thorough feature/part verification, rigorous leak testing, meticulous electrical testing, and precise force over distance measurements.



McAlister Design & Automation specializes in crafting and integrating cutting-edge automated dispensing solutions that harness the power of a diverse range of technologies, such as the precision of Cartesian robots, the versatility of SCARA robots, and the agility of 6-axis robots.

Our dispensing solutions range from simple to complex and cover a wide range of materials. We can also integrate other equipment into your system, such as vision systems, fluid monitoring systems, and dual pump systems. 

Kuka Palletizing Website

Palletizing (Pick/Pack/Pal)

Whether your goal is to increase output, reduce labor, or achieve cycle time reduction, an automated palletizing system from McAlister Design & Automation increases efficiency while providing a safer environment.


Material Handling

Material handling solutions designed by McAlister Design & Automation include ancillary equipment that must work together seamlessly with a robot. This includes conveyor systems, part tracking technologies, labeling/marking, and other peripheral equipment. Technologies we also integrate include 2D and 3D vision, force sensing, and parts feeding to ensure the ultimate flexibility.

KUKA Material Logistics

Material Logistics

McAlister Design & Automation has extensive experience in automating material logistics to move materials inside a facility. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are commonly used for this application today. 


Machine Tending

Integrating an industrial robot into your process is a great alternative to machine tending by a human operator. McAlister Design & Automation maximizes the efficiency of your system by analyzing parts accumulation between stations, error recovery, part traceability, and more.

Partner with McAlister Design & Automation for expert guidance throughout your next automation project. 

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