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How can we make your Operators more efficient and productive?

Semi-Automated Workcells

McAlister Design specializes in these custom Operator Workcells. 

These semi-automated machines can increase the repeatability, productivity, and safety of any manual assembly, inspection, or production process.

MDI has built 100's of these robust machines for companies in the automotive industry as well as other manufacturing and production environments where products can be more labor intensive.

These machines offer a wide variety of benefits, and can provide customers with an option for operator friendly change-out tooling plates. These tooling plates allow the same machine to process multiple part styles and variations, and can allow for retro-fitting of these machines to keep them profitable through each new generation of parts.






Semi-Automated Work Cells can be utilized for:

    • Full Assembly
    • Partial Assembly
    • Quality Control
    • Vision Inspection
    • Measuring and Data Logging


          Varying levels of operator intervention.


             However much or little you require.


          These Workcells have the proven formula for Success:

          Repeatability + Reliability + Productivity + Safety + Support = Customer Satisfaction

          2014 Project

          Custom Valve Leak Testing Workcell

          (Designed/Built < 15 weeks, Advanced Pressure Decay Testing and Material Handling)