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High Speed Automated Machinery

Think your Production Processes are fast now…
Consider High Speed Automation to boost production rates even further while keeping all Quality standards!

Labor intensive processes can easily be accomplished via the means of today’s High Speed Automation and Robotics technologies. McAlister Design specializes in evaluating a process and developing a custom conceptual design for automating this process. Automation evaluations typically include:

                      • Visit from McAlister Design sales and application engineer to review process
                      • Cycle time calculations
                      • Throughput analysis
                      • Return on Investment calculations
                      • 3D Modeling (with Purchase Order)
                      • Overall Project Cost Estimates
                      • Project Delivery Estimates



When are Automated Machinery and/or Robots most needed?



1)  Dangerous Working Areas for Employees

  • Loading/Unloading of Dangerous Machinery
  • High Heat Production Environments
  • High Voltage or High Power Processes
  • Toxic Production Environments with Hazardous Materials
  • Interaction with High Inertia loads
  • Extremely Dirty Production Environments






2)  Aggressive Throughputs outside of Human Capabilities

                          • Manual Operators are only so fast ....
                          • Machines and Robots can be ...

                            Faster ... More Accurate

                                    .... More Repeatable ... More Reliable

                                                     .... and Ultimately more Profitable!





3)  Dull or Monotonous Tasks that require continuous production

  • Machines and Robots do not require breaks, and can work continuously through weekends and holidays.
  • True 24/7/365 work!
  • Repeatability does not decrease throughout the day or week as long as equipment is kept up well.




 4)  Task outside of Human Capabilities

                        • Heavy-Duty Lifting of Assembly Components
                        • Extremely Long Horizontal or Vertical Reach Requirements
                        • Quick Cycle Time Speeds
                        • Moving or Processing many parts Simultaneously
                        • Making Calculations and/or Decisions many steps ahead of current state
                          • Intelligent Robots can be working in one area while receiving inputs from cameras or other devices in another area. They can have all calculations and decisions made before they ever need it.