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Our Commitment to Our Customers

McAlister Design is committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers in a wide range of industries. Our competitive pricing and project success rate have enabled us to build a strong repeat customer base, which has been instrumental to our continued growth.

*** McAlister Design TimeLine (from Inc to Present) ***

Industries Served
Power Steering Lines
Throttle Bodies
Anti-Lock Brake Gearing
Transmission Cooling Lines
Bearing Assemblies 
Material Handling & Removal
Product Transfer
WaterJet Cutting
Robotic Polishing & Sanding
Ceramic Grinding 
 Medical and Home Goods
Men’s & Women’s Vitamins
Heart Defibrillator Components
Photo Films
Hardwood Flooring
Industrial & Residential Faucets and Plumbing
Paper Bobbins

 Aerospace & Gas Turbine
Thermal Spray
Plasma Spray
HVOF Spray
Turbine Blade Polishing
Precision Weighing, with Vision Data Logging
Packaging & Machine Tending
Gear Stacking
Plastic Film Winder Tending
Mold and Press Loading
Shrink Wrapping 

 Glass, Fiberglass, & Textiles
Glass Handling Systems
Boat Hulls
Peterbilt Truck Hoods
Yamaha Waverunner Hulls
Skylights Assembly
Slitter Machines


Airline Industry
 Jet Wheel Assembly
 Jet Wheel Torquing Systems
 Jet Engine Chemical Stripping
 Airline Automation Safety Upgrades 
Plastic Injection Molding & Blow Molding
Robotic Mold Loading
Robotic Mold Unloading
Flaming Edges
Pinch-off Knockouts
(We do not build injection & blow molding machines, only the automation around them)
Steel Industry
 Surface Roughness Gauging
 Paint Thickness Gauging
 Earth Mover Wrist Pins
 Large Machine Robotic Tending      (Including: CNCs, Heat Treat Stations, and Machining Centers) 
Spot Welding
 High Speed Spot Welding
 Cable Tray and Bus Systems
 Electrical Enclosures
Tig Welding
 Battery Cap welding
Tab to Can Capacitor Welding

Wood Industry
 Hardwood Flooring
(Raw form, Milled form, and Finishing)
 Wood Pallet Conveying and Handling
 Wood Palletizing and Depalletizing 
 Wood Sawing Automation
Automatic Wood Frame Assembly